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thank you

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So, as some people already know, I am a 19 year old girl, diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I’m stuck living at home with a less-than-savory family, to put it lightly, and I’m trying to get out of California to go to school in Ohio.

I don’t know who’s been keeping up with my life, but I’m almost in college. I got accepted into Bowling Green State University, and while I’m working on Financial Aid I’m making plans to move out to Ohio where I can attend. And since I don’t want to go out there with nothing but the clothes on my back, I’m opening commissions so that I can have money and support myself until I can get a job over there!

That being said, I’d need money for the big move across country, as well as for supporting myself until I can move into a dorm/get a job. I’d wait until the school year to move, but I HAVE to get out to break away from my family for very personal reasons. So, I expanded on my old commission sheet, including Silly  Doodles, Color Jobs, and Talksprites!

Color Jobs

  • I color whatever you give me. Flat Color, Cell-Shading or Soft-Shading available Prices are negotiable, and depends on the complexity of the thing you give me. Definitely cheap, since I love coloring, probably never going higher than 10$


  • Bronze Package - 20$ - 5 emotions (Neutral, Happy, Sad, Mad and one other of your choice) 
  • Silver Package - 25$ - 7 emotions (Neutral, Happy, Sad, Mad, Confused, Bashful, one other of your choice)
  • Gold Package - 30$ - 9 emotions (Neutral, Happy, Sad, Mad, Confused, Bashful, Playful, one other of your choice) Plus the SAI or Photoshop file to mix and match
  • Platinum Package - 35$ - Gold package + 1 Bonus interchangeable base part. (5$ for each additional part)

Quick things:

  • I don’t do explicit NSFW
  • I do humans, ponies fantrolls, humanoids, and simple pokemon.

If you can’t buy anything but still want to support me and my moving fund, you’re free to donate to my paypal at StephHughes94@gmail.com (I will be installing donation buttons on my pages soon) or you can reblog this post so that others can see this and get some cool stuff!

I really appreciate that you took the time to read this post and will greatly appreciate any help you can give, no matter how small!

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I have been abducted by Flight Rising

I’m sorry, I’m truly, truly sorry…

Of course if you want to bug me there I’m kokobean22

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>Jump up and down

you fill pans with SP3CIAL food stuff then H3AT it up until it G3TS all fluffy!!!

or brown and crispy!!!

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My mum taught it to me! And sorry, I can’t, it’s something special to me! I’ve tried to teach others before, but it just doesn’t work!


W3LL what can you T3ACH M3 TH3N???
oh!!! i can T3ACH you how to BAK3!!!

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Ah shucks, thanks!

Names Spirit, what’s yours?

my NAM3 is DULCI3!!!
WH3R3 did you L3ARN how to do that???
can you T3ACH M3???

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> Turn into a living flame for a split second, before stopping


That’s all I got!

that was amazing!!!
YOU’R3 almost as rad as mom!!!

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Hows this?~

MOR3 MOR3!!!

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Hm, I wonder if anyone would care if I started a fire….

do it do it do it do it!!!

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Reblog If You’re A RPer That Doesn’t Mind Getting Tagged For Starters

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Let’s (Sort of) Talk About Exalted!

Today is Saturday (and I am presently in the middle of my Exalted game).

My storyteller is having us do some traveling for our next quest, but hates trying to figure out how travel times work. Exalted has information and a system for this (though I’ve never seen it) but it’s apparently complicated and frustrating.

I have taken it upon myself to open the map, measure out how many miles we’re traveling, figure out our typical speed/hours traveled per day, and finally calculate how long it will take us to get where we need to go (not accounting for things like poor weather/random encounters/difficult terrain).

The first part is easy. You open the map, find point A, find point B then measure with something like a piece of paper the shortest distance between them. Measure the distance on the paper against the map reference (there’s usually one in the corner. The one I use divides Creation up into 500x500 mile squares).

The next part requires a quick google search for typical travel speeds for walking/horses/boats as well as figuring out how many hours you can travel without the need for rest.

The third part is best done with a calculator and maybe some scrap paper.

I hand the figures to the storyteller who figures in time for all the difficult things (rough estimates) and then we go!

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Happy (Belated) Birthday Commander Shepard!

Yesterday was Commander Shepard’s (Mass Effect) birthday!

I’m going to babble about my original Shepard below

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