Let’s Talk About Character Creation

Settle down kiddies, I got a lot on my mind thanks to Hyperionnebulae and her boyfriend Somewhere-in-the-Dungeon so we’re going to take a look about how I like to create, design, and test out characters for roleplaying (and casual rp).

Ready or not, under the cut!

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If someone suddenly becomes a lyncanthrope are they stricken with a sudden awereness?

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This Is How Koalas Run

thank you

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So, as some people already know, I am a 19 year old girl, diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I’m stuck living at home with a less-than-savory family, to put it lightly, and I’m trying to get out of California to go to school in Ohio.

I don’t know who’s been keeping up with my life, but I’m almost in college. I got accepted into Bowling Green State University, and while I’m working on Financial Aid I’m making plans to move out to Ohio where I can attend. And since I don’t want to go out there with nothing but the clothes on my back, I’m opening commissions so that I can have money and support myself until I can get a job over there!

That being said, I’d need money for the big move across country, as well as for supporting myself until I can move into a dorm/get a job. I’d wait until the school year to move, but I HAVE to get out to break away from my family for very personal reasons. So, I expanded on my old commission sheet, including Silly  Doodles, Color Jobs, and Talksprites!

Color Jobs

  • I color whatever you give me. Flat Color, Cell-Shading or Soft-Shading available Prices are negotiable, and depends on the complexity of the thing you give me. Definitely cheap, since I love coloring, probably never going higher than 10$


  • Bronze Package - 20$ - 5 emotions (Neutral, Happy, Sad, Mad and one other of your choice) 
  • Silver Package - 25$ - 7 emotions (Neutral, Happy, Sad, Mad, Confused, Bashful, one other of your choice)
  • Gold Package - 30$ - 9 emotions (Neutral, Happy, Sad, Mad, Confused, Bashful, Playful, one other of your choice) Plus the SAI or Photoshop file to mix and match
  • Platinum Package - 35$ - Gold package + 1 Bonus interchangeable base part. (5$ for each additional part)

Quick things:

  • I don’t do explicit NSFW
  • I do humans, ponies fantrolls, humanoids, and simple pokemon.

If you can’t buy anything but still want to support me and my moving fund, you’re free to donate to my paypal at StephHughes94@gmail.com (I will be installing donation buttons on my pages soon) or you can reblog this post so that others can see this and get some cool stuff!

I really appreciate that you took the time to read this post and will greatly appreciate any help you can give, no matter how small!

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I have been abducted by Flight Rising

I’m sorry, I’m truly, truly sorry…

Of course if you want to bug me there I’m kokobean22

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>Jump up and down

you fill pans with SP3CIAL food stuff then H3AT it up until it G3TS all fluffy!!!

or brown and crispy!!!

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My mum taught it to me! And sorry, I can’t, it’s something special to me! I’ve tried to teach others before, but it just doesn’t work!


W3LL what can you T3ACH M3 TH3N???
oh!!! i can T3ACH you how to BAK3!!!

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Ah shucks, thanks!

Names Spirit, what’s yours?

my NAM3 is DULCI3!!!
WH3R3 did you L3ARN how to do that???
can you T3ACH M3???

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> Turn into a living flame for a split second, before stopping


That’s all I got!

that was amazing!!!
YOU’R3 almost as rad as mom!!!

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Hows this?~

MOR3 MOR3!!!

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Hm, I wonder if anyone would care if I started a fire….

do it do it do it do it!!!

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Reblog If You’re A RPer That Doesn’t Mind Getting Tagged For Starters

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